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Artesiaa Consulting Group has spent a decade studying the needs of top management. Our Centers conduct workshops to address the foremost concerns of leaders. Artesiaa Consulting is dedicated to strategic analysis along four dimensions of strategy: competitive positioning offered by the Center for Strategy; the design of breakthroughs offered by the Center for Emerging Markets; margin enhancement in healthcare by the Center for Lean in Healthcare; and building capabilities to craft strategy across national boundaries by the Center for Cross-Cultural Skills. Check out our tool box so we can help design the right program for you.




Center for Strategy


The Artesiaa Center for Strategy has operated as a membership-based center for five years. With members from industries ranging from electrical connectors to retirement services this Center has developed a series of strategy tools that will keep your company on track in its strategic planning initiatives.

Center for Emerging Markets


The Center for Emerging Markets delivers maximum value as in customized packages that are driven by proposals developed on a case-by-case basis: initiatives to create new marketspace through acquisition, market entry or new product/service design tend to be one-of-a-kind assignments.

Center for Lean in Healthcare


The Center for Lean in Healthcare is the only Artesiaa activity dedicated to an industry vertical: the worldwide healthcare industry is undergoing a decade-long transformation that can be significantly supported and enhanced by lean techniques; Artesiaa specializes in training teams and assisting them in the completion of margin enhancement projects in healthcare..


Center for Cross Cultural Skills


The Center for Cross-Cultural Skills recognizes the simple truth that most strategy implementation initiatives demand culture change: whether you are trying to grow market share across national boundaries or trying to get doctors and nurses to collaborate over the introduction of EMR (Electronic Medical Records) you need cross-cultural skills to make your strategy come alive..

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