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Artesiaa Consulting is dedicated to strategic analysis along four dimensions of strategy: competitive positioning offered by the Center for Strategy; the design of breakthroughs offered by the Center for Emerging Markets; margin enhancement in healthcare by the Center for Lean in Healthcare; and building capabilities to craft strategy across national boundaries by the Center for Cross-Cultural Skills. Check out our tool box so we can help design the right program for you.


Center for Strategy: This is a membership-based group of companies dedicated to the use of regular,data-driven, action planning to improve the competitive position of each member company. The center uses Artesiaa's toolbox of 15 tools to address strategic issues like diversification,execution,foresight,innovation and global expansion. Read more >>>

Center for Emerging Markets: This is a discipline based center with a step by step methodology for creating and serving new market space that includes: the design of breakthrough products and services; identifying and executing acquisitions that deliver on promise; the creation and domination of industry standards. Read more >>>


Cross Cultural Training and Consulting for a Global Workforce: We assist transnational and national local companies as well as the health care industry build their cross cultural skills. Building cross cultural competence is the key to managing in the globalized economy. Read More >>>

Health Care 

 Lean Systems in Healthcare: Artesiaa’s JumpStart Program is dedicated to customer focussed value creation in the healthcare industry using time-tested Lean Tools from the Toyota Production System.  Read more >>>


Ethics and Ethical Audits: Ethics in business today has special challenges. We provide tools to help you create an atmosphere of accountability and responsibility in the organization. Read More >>>

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