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Strategic Tools for Sensing The Future.

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Artesiaa Consulting Group has spent a decade studying the needs of top management. Our toolbox has presently 10 separate tools for sensing the future addresses the three foremost concerns of leaders.

  • An intense curiosity about the future: Leaders are responsible for their company’s future. Our toolbox on foresight is designed to address the leader’s deep curiosity about the future and prepares a company for the future.

  • Severe angst about the company’s strategy:  Whereas leaders move boldly forward to implement strategy, it is the rare leader that can escape severe angst related to questions like “Did I choose the right strategy?” “Did my speed and commitment match the opportunities the company pursued?” Our foresight toolbox cannot eliminate a leaders’ angst, but it can definitely use systematic analysis to reduce angst of major strategic decisions.

  • Leverage diversity of the executive team:  Most top management teams contain senior executives with diverse backgrounds. Each tool in the foresight tool box is designed to be used by the senior team and supports senior managers as they use their diverse backgrounds to enrich and inform the company’s strategy.


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