Jerry Wahl, Associate Director of Artesiaa’s Center for Strategy( ) has a long and successful track record coordinating Centers that are dedicated to improving the strategic health of member organizations

G. Wahl

Team Coordinator

Dr. Rajan Kamath

Dr. Rajan Kamath, CEO of Artesiaa Consulting, ( is an internationally recognized scholar and consultant who serves leading companies like Haas-TCM, Cengage Learning (formerly Thomson), BPCL, and Procter & Gamble.  In the last 5 years Rajan has dedicated himself to serving leaders and executive teams in companies large and small as they shape the future of their organizations.  


Dr. Ratee Apana

Dr. Ratee Apana is the founder partner of Artesiaa Consulting ( She has over 20 years experience working in the  area of  cross cultural competencies and negotiations, strategic international collaboration and change management.  Dr Apana has an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management(IIM),  Bangalore and a PhD in Strategy and Organizational behavior from the Univ of Cincinnati.

Ratee Apana

Co Founder and Vice President

Rajan Kamath

Co Founder & President

Meet The Team     M: 513-886-5817

 M: 513-886-3487


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