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Strategic Tools and Purpose






Strategic Growth



Methodology for articulating and evaluating emerging business opportunities.



Wicked Problems

Some complex problems simply do not have "solutions." This tool is designed to improve your execution skills by helping you recognize and manage such problems.


Core Discovery

Methodology for identifying your core business and defining adjacent businesses.


Breakthroughs by Design

Understand the structure of breakthroughs and learn how to design and deliver astounding new value.


Positioning in a Two-Speed Global Economy

Understand the implications of emerging markets like Brazil, India and China having a distinct low margin, high volume, value-focused segment and a distinct brand-focused segment.


Cost Innovation

Learn about the strategies used by low-end competitors to enter the market in the low-margin price-sensitive segments and expand rapidly across the board.


Predicting Industry Change

Learn how to apply the latest tools to analyze and predict the trajectory of change in your industry.  Understand the opportunities that your strategy presents to your competitors and learn how to act pro-actively to block entry.


Niche Strategies for Tough Markets

Understand the choices you face when trying to carve out a niche in a tough market.  Learn how to get the maximum market leverage with limited resources.


The Art of Acquisition & Integration

Understand the challenges a leader faces when selecting an acquisition and completing the integration of the acquired company.


Leadership in Execution

Understand the Leader’s role in execution and learn how to push execution into the line-level.

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