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Module 3: Crucial Conversations


Step 1) Overview: Sometimes your role as manager or supervisor requires you to have a difficult conversation – a conversation in which the emotional content of the conversation impedes your ability to achieve your objective.  Your ability to manage this conversation effectively is crucial for your performance in this situation. This module is aimed at uncovering the structure of difficult conversations and giving you some tools to manage these conversations professionally.


Step2) Action Learning: Please watch the two videos  below. 

The following video is designed to walk you through a typical difficult conversation from the beginning to professional and positive end-result.  It runs about 16 minutes: plan on viewing it when you have a good internet connection and have about 20 minutes of un-interrupted time to devote to the viewing.


The following video below, is designed to de-brief your first viewing experience and reinforce your understanding of the structure of difficult conversations and tips for handling them in a professional way.  It runs about 6 minutes



Step 3) Points to Ponder:

1). Think about a recent difficult conversation you experienced.  How did you feel when it was finished?  Did you feel you could have done better – been more effective?


2). What are the “lessons learned” from this module that you would like use in future?  Do these lessons require a change in the way you think and work?  What changes (if any) did you identify and how easy (or difficult) do you anticipate this change will be?


Step 4) Interactive Discussion: (Optional): After viewing the videos for this module and exploring the Points to Ponder please request your BPC representative to schedule a “Lunch & Learn” to give you the opportunity to discuss the lessons learned from this Module with others in your company that have completed the Module.  If you have any questions or need more information please send a message to



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