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RSC Level 2 Module 2: Planning & Organization


Step 1) Overview: The 4 major functions of management are planning, organizing, leading and controlling.  Leading and controlling are visible – you can see your managers performing these functions.  Planning and organizing are often done behind the scenes: if you want to be effective as a manager you need understand what these functions are and how you can master them.  You cannot be effective at leading and controlling if you do not plan and organize.


Step 2) Action Learning: Please watch the two videos below.


The following video is a 5-minute introduction to the four management functions and how  they work together: It tells you the components of the 4 management functions and explains how these functions are related to your ability to achieve your objectives and be successful as a manager. Planning and organizing are the foundations of a manager’s success and although you do not see managers doing the planning and organizing that drives their ability to achieve objectives, you must recognize the central role of planning and organizing in a manager’s job.


The following video below,  runs about 8 minutes and gives a variety of examples to trigger your thinking about the planning and organizing makes the most sense in the workplace.  Planning and organizing help your team, department or group meet the future – prepare them with an understanding of the goals, resources and methods that they need in order to be effective.  Attention to detail will help you in designing a productive and positive experience for all involved.  The people who work with you and for you appreciate the sense of control you create by giving them a timeline and a sequence of planned activities.  In some settings this may require the creation of budgets.  Priorities and deadlines contribute significantly to making the workplace attractive.  Expect the unexpected: discuss in advance what alternatives you will explore if events do not unfold as planned.  Be prepared to adapt. 


Step 3) Points to Ponder:

1). Describe the kind of work you are responsible for managing, the goals your team or group must achieve.  How can planning and organizing on your part make it easier for you to achieve your goals?  How can planning and organizing make the work more positive and appealing to those who work with you?

2). What “lessons” did you learn from the video segments that you can use right away?  What obstacles do you anticipate when using these lessons to improve your planning and organizing?

3). Can you identify someone in your company who is accomplished in planning and organization – someone who can serve as a role model and mentor for you?

4). When will you find the time to do the planning and organizing that is needed? Is it possible to create space on your schedule to focus on planning and organizing tasks that will make your work more effective and efficient?


Step 4) Interactive Discussion: After viewing Videos 1 & 2 and exploring the Points to Ponder check your calendar for the Interactive Discussion scheduled for this Module.  Go to the session prepared to discuss the lessons learned with others in your Rising Star cohort.  If you have any questions or need more information please send a message to


Step 5) Next Level: Read the Reference: The Active Manager: How to Plan, Organize, Lead and Control Your Way to Success” by Andrew J. DuBrin,  (2000), ISBN-13: 978-0324027402


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