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Level 1 Module 5: Time Management


Step1) Overview: In the world of work almost everyone experiences extreme time pressure – there simply are not enough hours in the day to accomplish all the things on your list of priorities.  Clearly your skills in time management are a very important determinant of your success as a manager.  First you need a general understanding of what works and what does not when you try to become more productive using time management.  Next you have to deal with the inescapable 24/7/365 nature of email – you simply cannot escape it; you must learn how to manage it.


Step2) Action Learning: Please watch the following three videos.


The following video is a 5-minute segment that gives you insight into the generic categories of interruptions you face as a manager.  It explores the typical ways in which we respond to these interruptions and most importantly it equips you with the most successful methods to be constructive about interruptions: use them to move the work forward without getting sucked into the trap of reacting to the interruption by taking on more work and responsibility.

The following 4-minute segment that gives you 10 specific tips to take charge of your time, emphasizing the fact that you need to focus your attention on the few things that give you your most important results and avoid spending time on distractions.

If you struggle with email overload the next video may be the most important 8 minutes you spend on time management for email: it is not uncommon for a typical in-box to receive 50-100 email messages a day.  Attending to these messages can take time away from the very activities that are critical for your success.  This segment shows you how to manage your inbox so that you can zero in on the things that matter in an efficient way.


Step 3) Points to Ponder:

1). How time-stressed are you?  Do you feel trapped by the experience of running harder and harder to keep apace of the work that is sent your way?  Is the way you allocate time and attention to events out of control?  At the same time do you wonder how some of the managers around you seem so much more in control of their time?

2). What “lessons” did you learn from the video segments that you can use right away?  What obstacles do you anticipate when using these lessons to improve your time management?

3). How important is email communication for your job?  Is email the primary means of communication for your work?  How can you improve the way you prioritize and address an email message?

4). Can you identify someone in your company who is accomplished in time management – someone who can be a role model for you?  Seek out opportunities to discuss time management with your peers and with potential role models with the objective of learning from their experience.


Step 4) Interactive Discussion: (Optional): After viewing the videos for this module and exploring the Points to Ponder please request your BPC representative to schedule a “Lunch & Learn” to give you the opportunity to discuss the lessons learned from this Module with others in your company that have completed the Module. If you have any questions or need more information please send a message to


Step 5) Next Level (Optional) Read the Reference: “Done!: Time Management Strategies for Regaining Command of Your Day” by Paul H Burton published by QuietSpacing, LLC (2013)  ISBN-13: 978-0981891187




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